The following is an ever-growing list of the "Uses & Applications" of the Revolutionary Split Die Thread Repair System!  The information supplied below is from a combination of market research & customer feedback. 

  • Agriculture Equipment/Machinery - Tractors, Combines, Balers
  • Alternator Stud

  • Axle Assembly

  • Car Restoration

  • Construction

  • Crank Shaft Assembly

  • CV Joint Half Shaft

  • Exhaust Manifold Stud

  • Industrial Facilities

  • Lawnmower Blade Stud

  • Machine Shops

  • Mining Operations - Stone Crushers, Conveyors, Earth Moving Equipment/Vehicles

  • Motor Shafts (i.e. for a centrifuge)

  • MRO Aircraft, Ground Support Equipment, Minor Plane Maintenance, Old Plane Retrofitting

  • MRO for Heavy Duty Truck

  • MRO for Motorcycles, Fleet Automobile Operations, Moving Trucks/Rentals, Personal Watercrafts

  • MRO for UPS Trucks, Police Car Maintenance, Federal/State/Local Government Vehicles & Buses

  • MRO of Snow Related Equipment - Bombardier Snow Cat, Snowmobile, Salt Trucks, Plows

  • Road Building & Earth Moving Equipment/Vehicles

  • Sammy Hangers - Threaded Studs in Concrete Ceilings are Cut During Building Construction

  • Spindle/Axle

  • Wind Turbine - Stripped Foundation Bolts

  • Wheel Stud
  • For Some Light Duty Trucks - Rust on Ball Joints of 4x4. Front Axle & U-Joints: access to Front Differential is limited due to a Coil Spring and Radius Arm.   It has a Stud in the middle of the Spring and it is hard to get to.  Our Tool with a Deep Socket and Extension worked great.

  • Per a Heavy Duty Truck Repair Facility - Wheel Stud, Exhaust Manifold Stud, Axle Stud, Saddle Stud, as well as Bolts in a Vice. Some Bolts can be several inches long, 7/8" diameter, Grade 8, and could cost as much as $30-$40.  If they get "dinged" it could be costly, and it is easier/less expensive to repair.  Also, many times with Standard Die Nuts, they have trouble starting the Die when in a rush, and some of the "teeth" will break off when you start because the Die Stock/T-Bar teeters.  Ours have not broken at all because they are starting on clean threads.  Saddle Stud - on Trucks with a Hendrickson Suspension, there is a Bolster Spring that sits on a Saddle, which underneath has a walking beam.  The Saddle Stud holds together this assembly and often gets damages and gnarled up.

  • A Heavy Duty Truck Customer advised that on Wheel Stud Repairs, our Tools take typically about 5-10 minutes versus removing the Wheel /Hub Assembly, the Stud, getting the parts and replacing it is 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

  • One of our Customers that owns a Motorcycle Repair Shop used our Dies on a Pinion Shaft on an Engine where the Shaft was partially not threaded, so a Standard Die would not have worked.

  • Plus many more!!

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