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Tri-Gage Combo Tool

The Gorilla Tool is not your ordinary Thread Pitch Gauge.  Not only will it measure thread pitch, it has a Bolt Sizer to measure diameter and a Bolt Grade Chart as well!  Why carry around three separate tools to accurately identify your bolt or measure one aspect without determining the others?  Doesn't make a lot of sense now, does it?  It's time for the old traditional Thread Pitch Gauge to step aside and make way for the new and improved - Gorilla Tool!  Quickly and accurately find the bolt you need and move forward to the next task.


  • High Grade Stainless Steel - Rust Free!
  • Tension Wheels are Ribbed for a Non-Slip Grip
  • Finger Notches are Easy to Use Providing a Better Grip
  • Rounded Edges to Prevent Injury
  • Bolt Sizer Blades are Marked with Bolt Diameter and Wrench Size
  • Available in both Inch and Metric Sizes
  • Pre-Drilled to Put on Your Tool Belt
  • Military Grade with Machine Stamped Markings for Durabality
  • Designed, Manufactured & Assembled in the USA
If your profession or hobby requires you to work with fasteners, making the Gorilla Tool part of your arsenal should be no question.  Whether you're a mechanic, machinist, engineer, or do-it-yourselfer, this tool will prove a wise investment in the field, in the shop, and at home!

Click on one of the Inch or Metric models below to learn more!
Products (Total Items: 2)
The Gorilla Bolt Sizer & Thread Pitch Gauge: Metric
The Gorilla Bolt Sizer & Thread Pitch Gauge: Metric
Your Price: $57.48
On sale: $44.95
The Gorilla Bolt Sizer & Thread Pitch Gauge: Inch
The Gorilla Bolt Sizer & Thread Pitch Gauge: Inch
Your Price: $57.48
On sale: $44.95