"I am not an auto mechanic, I have a 4 wheel drive truck that Ive built up and take off road. When things break on my truck, especially on the trail, Id like to have the tools and ability to fix them.

Most folks are not as clumsy however Ive messed up a wheel lug while taking off or putting on a large Mud Terrain tire more times than I care to mention. After the first time I learned not to put the lug nut back on and cross thread the thing. Ive saved a few by filing or chasing the thread with a die and/or a spare lug nut. That is a pain but not nearly as bad as the few of times I had to change the lug.

The last time I was off road I cut the sidewall of a tire (aired down to about 18psi and on a very rocky trail) and had to change it. I messed up yet another wheel lug in two spots. One near the end of the lug preventing the use of a regular die and one back far enough to prevent me from being able to stroke a file through it. Before taking the wheel hub apart to change it I found the Split Die Thread Repair Tool on the web.

I wasn't getting the whole kit to try it out but for $20 plus S&H ($26.49) I took a gamble and ordered the 12M x 1.25 size for my lug.

This thing worked so well I didnt even have to put a wrench on it; just some oil, a 6 point socket and turned it by hand. I didnt even need to take the tire off. Like a few minutes, clean up took longer.

For a hobbyist like me it was worth every penny. I believe that for someone who makes a living with tools, the Split Die Thread Repair Tool would be a wise investment and would pay for itself the first time it was used."

Tom Kurahara
Brooklyn, NY

"A seized lug nut caused thread damage on the very end of a stud. There was sufficient good thread left on the stud, but a normal die couldn't be used for repair, since the damaged threads would have prevented getting a proper start with the die. The split-die tool was exactly the right idea, since it could be placed on the undamaged part of the stud, and then backed out to restore the thread at the stud end. On some vehicles, there is a special place on the steering knuckle where the studs can be removed and re-installed, but not on this particular model. As I understood it, replacing the stud would have required removing and disassembling the steering knuckle, and reassembling it with a new bearing. A new lug nut installed easily onto the repaired threads, and torqued to specification, saving significant cost and time."

Steve Kitko
Newton, NJ

"Thread Tool Supply put in the extra effort that helped us finish our project on time.  We had an issue with stripped threads on a foundation bolt.  Thread Tool was able to source everything we needed for the repair - even when they didn't have it at hand, and get it to us overnight.  Great customer service, and we look forward to doing business again."

Washington, NC

"We are very pleased with the industrial thread repair kit supplied by Murray Tool.  Our technicians have found it to be the ideal tool to restore damaged stud threads.  The split die design makes for a quick and easy set up and operating the die with a standard 6 point socket makes even hard to reach studs accessible without removing adjoining parts."

Middleton & Meads Co.
Baltimore, MD

"Your die is amazing.  Without it, I would have had to pull out the engine on the motorcycle I was repairing, split the case and replace the crank.  A standard die wouldn't work because the shaft was the same O.D. as the threads, so a standard die would not go over the shaft to reach the threaded portion.  Your tool worked like a charm.  You saved me a couple thousand dollars today in labor and parts.  I own an independent Harley Davidson repair shop and I will definitely use your products again, I will also recommend it to my other mechanic friends."

Stroker Cycle
Harrison, TN

"It took only 20 minutes using Murray's Split Die Repair Tool to rethread the motor shaft on a centrifuge unit.  To disassemble, machine thread, and reassemble would have taken 5 hours.  We realized a savings of 4 hours 40 minutes, or $313 on the first use."

National Institutes of Health
Bethesda, MD

"In the tire sales and auto repair business the most common problem is wheel stud damage.  This damage usually occurs on the end or halfway down the stud's threads.  By applying the Split Die beneath the damaged area we are able to accurately clean the outer threads.  Other chasers or dies actually try to make new threads that would not always match inner threads, in essence creating two different sets of thread pitch, making it impossible to properly seat the lug.  We use the time saving Murray Tool Split Die more than once per day, saving between $18 and $36 per wheel, and it's improved our customer relations significantly."

Southern Tire & Auto
Lexington Park, MD

"Reduced downtime on punch press and pump by 50% to 60%.  Avoided a complete tear down of equipment using the Murray Tools product.  The tools paid for themselves the first time they were used."

Square "D" Company
Lexington, KY

"Worked perfectly. Restored the threads on my outer steering rack in a single pass. Thanks for a great product!"

Ed Lenore
Stony Point, NY

"Many times a stud is damaged at the very end.  A normal die cannot repair this damage because it has no threads to catch as a starting point.  Using the Split Die Thread Repair Tool, a wheel stud that had to be replaced can now be repaired, saving up to an hour in labor and over $19 on each stud that needs to be repaired."

Waldorf Tire
Waldorf, MD

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