Below is a sampling of our very satisfied customers.  Most of our customers are loyal, repeat buyers that trust us for all of their Thread Identification, Conversion & Repair needs.  As you'll see, while we love tools, customers are our passion.  With the advent of the internet, you have many purchase options, but our staff guarantees that you'll experience unmatched customer satisfaction at Thread Tool Supply.  Just check out what our customers have to say...

When in a pinch on a Saturday, needing QTY 24 inch to metric thread adapters, John was able to locate the parts and hold them until we could send an emergency courier.  Parts were delivered within 12 hours.  This was outside of normal business hours, and really shows John’s commitment to seeing his customers succeed.  We cannot express enough, our gratitude for Thread Tool Supply & John helping us pull off a mini-miracle.

Zack Srock, Novelis, Ashville, OH

I never and when I say never I mean never leave feed back on anything that I buy online. I have made an exception to this for John at Thread Tool. I had a very hard conversion fitting I needed and John was more than helpful. I gave John what I needed and he found it. Then when what I told John was wrong he personally called me the next morning to see if I had figured out what I needed and how he could help. Then he made the return of what I had purchased that was wrong (again that was my fault) very easy. I will without a doubt be purchasing from Thread Tool again. Keep up the good work.

Scott Tallman, Tallman Construction, Ammon, ID

Our company has very specific needs that are often hard to meet, and project schedules that span over many months.  Thread Tool Supply and John Winkler went far above and beyond the regular supplier to be sure our engineers had the information needed, even months after our initial purchase which was less than $50.  Furthermore, they allowed a return of the product even later in the project when we could not make it work for our application.  Many suppliers would put us on the bottom of their priority list since we would definitely be considered a ‘high maintenance’ client with small value purchases.  Not Thread Tool Supply!  Every phone call and email has been returned quickly and Mr. Winkler has personally helped us to identify a better solution for our project.  The customer service has been OUTSTANDING when dealing with a return/exchange even when the issue was truly outside of their control.  I wish all of our suppliers were as attentive and such a pleasure to work with!  UCI highly recommends Thread Tool Supply and thanks them for the level of service they provide!

Dayli Meo, United Controls International, Norcross, GA

I cannot sing the praises of the product I purchased from you high enough!  The Helical Thread Repair Kit was Easy to Use, Extremely Durable and Precision Cut!  There is true workmanship in your products!  Not to mention the Helical Thread Repair Kit I purchased was an extremely hard to find size, I can't thank you guys enough for having been willing to mix and match sizes for me when ordering the kit, you literally saved me from having to rip apart an entire clutch system and re-install it just because of some damaged threads inside the hole that the bleeder valve screws into on a slave cylinder!  All in all I've saved 15 hours of arduous labor on my vehicle restoration project thanks to your products!  Thank You!

Sam Kangarloo, Concord, NH

Thread Tool Supply put in the extra effort that helped us finish our project on time.  We had an issue with stripped threads on a foundation bolt.  Thread Tool was able to source everything we needed for the repair - even when they didn't have it at hand, and get it to us overnight.  Great customer service, and we look forward to doing business again.

JP, Washington, NC

(Helical Thread Repair Kit: M42 x 4.5)
Parts were purchased for a customer so I did not use it but heard no complaints.  Quality of your service is phenomenal.  My customers have my home number and call at all times.  I'm usually scrambling to find product after hours and your salesman (can't remember his name) went way beyond the word service to get this order out.  Most people just don't answer the phone or say they're headed out the door and can't help me.........great great service.

Lynn, Cheshire, CT

After some issues ordering this part (Complete Helical Thread Repair Kit: M9 x 1.25) through a local vendor.  We decided to order online.  We received our product exactly when we were told we would (which is more then we could say for the local company).  The product worked just as expected, easy to install, and we were up and running in no time.  Thanks for turning a bad situation into DONE!

Tina, Coffeyville, KS

I'm a hobbyist who was in the market for a small, simple tool to check metric threads.  An internet search provided many suppliers who had products that matched my needs.  In the end, I chose Thread Tool Supply - they had the exact product I was looking for, the price was competitive and the tool was Made In The USA.

A few days after placing the order on-line, I received a call from Mr. John Winkler, Sales Manager for Thread Tool.  John called to inform me they were temporarily out of stock on one of the items and asked if I would like to substitute for a similar item.  I decided to wait for the one I had ordered and thanked John for his personal call to let me know of the delay and of the option to select another similar product.

Upon receipt of the order, I noticed a very minor defect in the printing on one of the Checkers.  I contacted Thread Tool to inquire about their exchange policy and how I could get the unit replaced.  Once again Mr. Winkler became personally involved in replacement of the unit, providing clear direction as to what I needed to do and making it clear they would do whatever it took "to make it right".  I returned the defective unit and it was promptly replaced at no cost to me. A few days after I received the replacement, John emailed me to make sure I had received the order and that I was satisfied with it.

Aside from the quality products they sell, I was especially impressed with the personal involvement and follow-up by Mr. Winkler.  As I mentioned, I'm a hobbyist and therefore not a "high dollar" customer.  It didn't matter to the people at Thread Tool.  I felt that I was treated the same as any large volume customer would have been.  The defect in the one Checker was strictly cosmetic and in no way affected its functionality. This didn't matter. The fact that I was not satisfied was the focus of Mr. Winkler's involvement and personal follow-up.

I would certainly recommend Thread Tool Supply to anyone who is in the market for products they sell. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and the personal involvement and follow-up of their staff is, in my opinion, unsurpassed.

Dave Albano, North Augusta, SC

I AM A VERY PLEASED Thread Tool Supply Customer - - given I have purchased THREE “Thread Checkers” during the past 14+ months.  My first purchase was for the Thread Checker, where the items are mounted on a white PVC board (like the ones in hardware stores).  I had used them in hardware stores and I wanted one!  I really liked it, given I get involved in a lot of “handyman” projects and occasionally need to “check threads”.  I must admit, for my use, I found the “Thread Checker on a Board” to be a little challenging and awkward (at times) to use.  However, it did work extremely well!  I showed it to a young “motorcycle enthusiast (friend)”.  He shared with me that he had never known about such an item and really liked it.  Given his comments, I decided to GIVE the “Thread Checker on a Board” to him.  He was VERY pleased and shared with me that he will use it “a lot”.  As a result, I needed to buy a REPLACEMENT Thread Checker - - and I did so.  My second and third purchases were for the Thread Checker “on the steel cable”.  One was for me and another was for another great friend (Tony) who also liked it and shared with me that he would reimburse me for one.  I REALLY LIKE this version - - it is much easier to use and “take with me”.  (I like the much greater mobility.)  TONY really likes his as well.  Interestingly, I just used my Thread Checker this week - - when I needed to determine the threads on a Stainless Steel bolt that I needed to cut more threads into.  My “Thread Checker on a Cable” worked GREAT - - it certainly made my task a BREEZE.   I quickly and easily determined the threads were ¼ 28.

Don H, Akron, OH

(M20 to 1/2" NPT Thread Adapter: Nickel Plated Brass (ATEX)  I needed some very hard to find hydraulic adapter fittings.  Thread Tool Supply had them (in stock) and delivered them to me promptly.  I was extremely pleased with the availability and service all for a very reasonable cost.  Thanks!

Thomas Piasecki, Siemens Industry Inc, Spring House, PA

(M20 to 1/2" NPT Thread Adapter: Nickel Plated Brass)  These are exactly what I was looking for.  They are the perfect size for converting metric threads to american (NPT).  Will definitely buy again.

Eric, Gulf States, USA

(PG9 to PG11 Thread Enlarger: Nickel Plated Brass)  The fit and finish of this product is excellent.  This saves me time adding controls to imported machinery.

Terry Jamison, Cabot, AR

(Helical Thread Repair Kit: M7 x 1)  By far the best thread insert tool I've used.  The company is great to work with and they supply a superior product with minimal shipping time.

Wayne Gates, Redondo Beach, CA

(Complete Helical Thread Repair Kit: M10 x 1)  What a great product, at a good price.  All the pieces I needed to perform thread repair on my brake calipers.

Chris Barnes, Arlington, TX

(Inch Screw Checker-Small)  Excellent product.  Strong heavy gauge steel that won't break down like the "industrial plastic" versions.  Will offer many years of service without failure.

Arnold, Santa Rosa, CA

(Inch Screw Checker-Small)  I was tired of not knowing what size the screws were and fumbling around trying to figure it out.  Problem solved.  Nice tool!

Frank, NC

(Inch Screw Checker-Large)  Another reason to buy American...this is a very well made indispensable tool for the workshop.  I'd been looking for one for a while and somehow missed this one at first.  It is highly recommended.

Paul Grayce, Beaufort, SC

(Inch Screw Checker-Large)  A Must-have tool...this takes all the guess work out of determining a screw size.  I wish I had had this years ago, it would have saved me much aggravation.

D Johns, Philadelphia, PA

Our Screw checkers were worn, stripped and not usable.  The replacements I bought for our QC Dept are great quality and the price was the best I could find.  Thank you.

Michael Giovanazzi, San Jose, CA

I have tried a few bolt pattern gauges and the Bolt Pattern Pro is the easiest bolt pattern tool that I have found.  It has really helped me sell wheels that I had no clue which vehicle that they fit.

Sean Simerly, Irving, Texas

The Bolt Pattern Pro is a must have if you are buying, selling, & fitting used custom wheels/rims as I am.  I use the BPP and the info I find on the website to ensure proper fitment and avoid the guessing games or taking someones bad info.

J. J. Velez, Citrus County, Florida

(Bolt Pattern Pro)  Great product.  Compact, easy to use, and the turn around time from order to reciept was exceptional.  I will definitely do business with this company again, and recommend them to friends.  Thanks.

Dan Kopp, Northern California

(Bolt Pattern Pro)  Tired of buying rims only to get home and they don't fit?  That's what i did untill now..the old ruler is gone now and i have something that helps me find the right rim no matter what lug i'm looking for...thanks.

James Keeble, Friendsville, TN

(Bolt Pattern Pro)  WOW!!! These guages work real fast and are easy to use. Now I can answer questions about "What will these fit" and actually be correct. I bought some more and gave them to friends as gifts.  They were a big hit.  We now also have a set at each of our shops.  Fast shipping also.  Thanks.

Ed, Elkhart Pawn

(BrakeQuip Automotive Thread Gauge Kit)  Tool is a must for all garages and tool boxes.  This is something I could have used a long time ago, but now I have and will never have any doubt or wasted trips back and forth to hardware stores.

Jason Rogone, PHX

(M10 x 1.5 Banjo Bolt - 24mm Length)  Excellent product.  Well engineered and finely manufactured.  Worked like a charm.

Robert Velker, Southern California

(Murray Tools Thread Repair Die: 1-14)  I bought these to repair the threads on the end of a solid metal shaft for one of our machines that had become damaged.  The tool worked extremly well.  Best of all we didn't have to disasemble the machine, and they can be used in tight spaces that you can't use a traditional tap and die set.  I would recommend these to anyone, great tool.

Robert Vigil, Salt Lake City, UT

(Murray Tools Thread Repair Die: 1/2-13)  In my 30+ years in the automotive industry, I've seen a few different thread chasers, but never one like this.  It was exactly what I needed to save the day.  What a great tool!!

Loren Lingren, Sacramento, CA

(Murray Tools Thread Repair Die: 3/4-16)  This thread die saved me.  During a replacement of a DANA 30 ring and pinion I cross threaded the pinion threads.  The damage was great enough that I only continued to damage the thread further.  I saw this product on the internet and as a last hope I purchased it.  Following the included instructions the thread cleaned up perfectly. If I didn't use this split die my next step was to purchase a new R/P at $200.  The product quality was high and the shipping fast.

Duane, San Jose, CA

(Murray Tools Thread Repair Die: 7/16-20)  This is a quality product that performs as well or better than advertised.  When repairing damaged threads these dies allow you to engage the piece where the threads are good thereby ensuring you don't cross thread.  Can't do that with a regular non split die!  Shipping was also quick.

Ted, Home Shop

(Murray Tools Thread Repair Die: M10 x 1.0)  This tool saved me $1K...I damaged the threads on one of my new shocks when trial fitting the new set. I used this tool to fix the threads in minutes!  Since my shocks aren't sold individually, I would of had to buy four new shocks for $1K if it weren't for this brilliant $20 tool.

Brett Hawton, Renton, WA

(Murray Tools Thread Repair Die: M10 x 1.25)  This is a excellant product,very high grade and easy to use.  Especially if you have to work on a bolt in a confined space. The directions are well defined and easy to follow.  Comes with an extra spring and make sure you have a good container for the die, because you don't want to miss place this truly life saving tool.

Garrett Kincaid, Bent, New Mexico

(Murray Tools Thread Repair Die: M12 x 1.25)  This product is excellent!  I distorted the threads on the end of the steering shaft of my tractor while using a puller to pull the steering wheel.  I found this product on the Internet and figured it was worth a try.  Thread Tool Supply was the only place I could find that sold them individually, and their price with shipping was very reasonable.  Within 15 minutes of receiving the tool, my steering wheel was back on the tractor!  I highly recommend this product for repairing messed-up threads!

Scott Brooks, Central Texas

(Murray Tools Thread Repair Die: M12 x 1.25)  Using a puller that wasn't designed for a bike, I compressed the end of a crank shaft causing the diameter at the end of the shaft to increase enough so that no normal die could be worked on.  I saw this tool and ordered it in hopes that I would not have to replace the shaft.  The tool went on just as described and I had the bike running that day.  I didn't even have to chase the threads with a solid die to complete the process.  Great tool.

Ian Bauer, San Jose CA

(Tri-Gage Combo Tool - Inch)  This is a life-time tool.  Extremely well made and thought out.  I anticipate years of time-saving use.

Tim Wales, Truckee, CA

(Lug Nut Thread Checker)  Purchased for Dutch Country Tire and Exhaust.  It is a high quality tool easily used to identify broken wheel studs or missing lug nuts.  A real time and money saver for the shop.

Robert Vance, Leola, PA

(Inch & Metric Thread Checker)  Item arrived promptly and exactly as described on the web site.  Much easier to use than "knife blade" style thread checkers, with less chance for error.  The combination nut and bolt checker on the same thread verifier is a welcome convenience, and the length of the threads on the verifier ensures an accurate determination.  Overall, a fairly priced, easy to use "must have" for the mechanic.

Eric Bower, Munford, TN

(Inch & Metric Thread Checker)  Good tool - has taken the guess work out of sizing nuts and even allowed me to get ahead and organize that box of nuts and bolts!  I like to make things in the garage and never throw out anything, but that didn't stop me from going and buying new.  Now I can go through and preselect what I need from what I already have.  Great tool made well and has the most common sizes (metric and inch).  This vendor shipped it fast!!

Bob Jensen, SF Bay Area

(Inch & Metric Thread Checker) This is an excellent tool and of very good quality.  The thread sizes are easy to read.  Long thread male and female.  By comparing, better than the competition.  By mistake I had ordered the same tool from another company and thought, well, I can give one of the tools to a friend.  The tool was so bad that I ended up sending it back, instead. With no doubt has the best quality.

Carlos, Spartanburg

(Inch & Metric Thread Checker)  What a terrific tool.  High quality construction.  Great service from ThreadToolSupply.  Nowadays, there are so many things that have a mix of both metric and standard threads that it can be difficult to identify what you are working with.  This is the perfect tool to let you know.

Jon Paulsen, Central Illinois

(Inch & Metric Thread Checker)  This beats using a tap or die for sizing.  All together and enough 'slack' to allow fairly easy use of the checker.  This is an easy portable tool for the price.  I bought two of these to give one to a friend who is forever guessing the wrong size of thread.  GREAT tool.

Tim, Kent, WA

(Metric Thread Checker)  I should have had a set of these for the last 40 years.  Every guy that uses nuts & bolts should have a set of metric and standard thread checkers in their toolbox.

Lawrence Kaufman, Lacey, WA

(Metric Thread Checker)  Thread checkers are great tools.  This one is very well put together does not take up a lot of space by having male and female threads on one piece.  Hangs anywhere and has a long lasting cable.  Thread Tool Supply also offers the largest variation of sizes to choose from.  Thanks.

David, Washington

(Metric Thread Checker)  I am just starting out here with my workshop in the last few years and I already have a hardware stash started.  I know I didn't want those proverbial buckets of hardware that didn't get used because I didn't have them sorted.  I am very pleased with the thread checker from Thread Tool Supply.  They will work great in my workshop and keep things organized!!

David Shaw, Pennsylvania

(Metric Thread Checker)  Excellent product, excelllent price, excellent service!  This one is very handy and comprehensive as it covers the most common metric thread sizes.

Michael Mathias, Baltimore, Maryland

(Inch Thread Checker)  We bought both the SAE & Metric thread checker sets.  Every shop should have these as it makes for fast nut/bolt sizing.  No more guessing....

Shane A. Burgeson, Check Engine Express

(Inch Thread Checker)  I've collected a fair bit of miscellaneous hardware from parting out riding mowers.  This helps me easily sort that hardware for future use, saving me time and money.

Glenn S, Wadsworth, Ohio

(Inch Thread Checker)  This is the greatest.  I have visited my local ACE Hardware many times to use the thread checker in their store.  Fantastic to have my own in the shop.  I am a retired engineer and appreciate quality tools.  This fits that description and more.

Ray, Minnetonka MN

(Inch Thread Checker)  These thread checkers are great!  I have wanted a set like this for a long time but just didn't know where to find them until now.

Jim Moriarty, West Hills, CA

(Inch Thread Checker)  Excellent tool.  I have several antique cars and this is a great thing to have handy in the garage!  No more carrying nuts and bolts to the hardware store.

Charles Little, South Paris, Maine

(Inch Thread Checker)  How many times I have not found the one missing bolt or nut I need in my bunch of old peanut butter jars full of stuff.  This checker helps me find the right one or even organize my jars (when I get motivated).  I also know exactly what to get at the hardware or big box store.  This checker rocks!

Mark Bader Crown Point, IN

(Wall Mounted Thread Checker)  The Wall Mounted Thread Checker is a great product... accurate and well made.  I have already used it to organize some of the loose fasteners I have scattered in my shop.  I was also pleased with the fact that it was carefully prepared for shipment.

Daniel, New Castle, CO

(Wall Mounted Thread Checker)  Great product.  Great quality.  It takes the guesswork out of finding the proper sizing on replacement hardware.  I wish I had purchased it much sooner.  It has paid for itself in the time saved by improving accuracy in hardware orders.

Matt Wickham, Wooster, OH

(Wall Mounted Thread Checker)  Just a nice thing to have next to the bolt bins.  Substantially built and quickly shipped.  With worldwide sourcing of practically everything nowadays, it's nice to have those metric samples to compare to.

Mike, Iowa City, Iowa

(Wall Mounted Thread Checker)  I used the thread checker about 5 minutes after I received it and was able to find a bolt to fix a project I was working on.  The quality is high and it already has become a valuable tool in my garage.

Ron V, San Diego

(Wall Mounted Thread Checker)  I had been looking for this sort of thing for a long time.  I figure it will pay for itself in saved gas to the hardware store in the first year.  NO more wondering what the thread is for metric or standard nuts or bolts.  Quality piece of equipment.  Built to last.

John Flowers, Los Angeles, CA

(Wall Mounted Thread Checker)  Great product.  Pleasantly surprised at the quality.  Is now a permanent fixture on my workbench.

Carlton Weaver, Fairfax Station, VA

(Wall Mounted Thread Checker)  A great and unique gift for the shop guy (or gal) who has absolutely everything in their shop.  It not only looks cool on the wall, but will get used constantly-----and it never wears out.  How much better does it get?

RJ Bath, Reno, NV

(Wall Mounted Thread Checker)  I have always wanted one of these things.  Every time I go into the hardware store I wished I could just take home the one the clerk uses to determine the bolt or nut I need.  I searched online and found this one.  The quality is the same or better than the one in my local hardware store.  I cannot imagine a shop without one!

John, Los Angeles, CA

(Wall Mounted Thread Checker)  With fathers day around the corner this is a must have gift.  Most men have always wanted this thread checker.  The others just didn't know they wanted this item.  This is a quality item, shipped fast and packaged to withstand an earthquake.  I wish I had this checker since I was a kid.  It's one of those things I would have taken where ever I moved.  Don't give dad a tie, give him this thread checker.

Matt, Bakersfield, CA

(Wall Mounted Thread Checker)  How did I ever get by without local fastener supplier has this same one in use - so I searched for it.  I found dozens of different ones (none were better at any price).  5 star rating is an understatement.

Don G, Tulsa, Oklahoma

(Wall Mounted Thread Checker)  Best gizmo I ever bought for my shop to size all those odd nuts and bolts!  Very pleased with the quality and expect it to last forever.  Thanks, Thread Tool Supply!

Michael, Cumberland, Maryland

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