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BrakeQuip Bleeder Buster Tool Kit
BrakeQuip Bleeder Buster Tool Kit

BrakeQuip Bleeder Buster Tool Kit

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Bleed Screw Removal Kit
Part Number: BQ2200

Introducing the NEW Bleeder Buster Tool Kit...

Easily Remove Frozen Bleeder Screws like a Pro!

  • No more heating up
  • No more drilling & tapping
  • No more hammering
  • No more cursing
  • Can save you lots of time
  • It will pay for itself very quickly
  • Works on both cast iron and aluminum

How Does It Work?

Installing the wire plug into the bleed screw prevents the wall of the bleed screw from collapsing when removing. Applying impact to the bleed screw for about 3 or 4 seconds will compress and work-harden the bleeder screw and "shock" the threads free. The compressed bleed screw will need to be replaced after removal.


It's as simple as:

1. Insert the largest diameter wire that will fit into the center hole of the bleed screw. Tap the wire plug in as far as it will go and cut off any wire remaining above the top of the bleed screw.


2. Place the adapter tool shaft into your air or electric hammer gun. Position the adapter tool on top of the bleed screw. Make sure the adapter tool shaft is directly in line with the bleed screw and that the adapter tool end is in full contact with the top of the bleed screw.


3. Maintain downward contact pressure and pull the trigger of the hammer gun for 3 or 4 seconds. This action will compress the bleed screw downward while also shocking the threads free. The hex portion of the bleed screw will not be damaged and this action will not cause a problem.


4. Rotate the "compressed" bleed screw to remove it. If the hex wrench does not rotate the bleed screw and slips, use a pair of locking pliers for a more positive grip.


5. Install a new bleed screw of the correct size and thread into the component (with lubrication if necessary).

IMPORTANT: Install a new bleed screw dust cover onto bleed screw after bleeding system.


The Bleeder Buster Tool Kit includes the following...

Bleeder Buster Tool Kit Contents 

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