Established in 2009, has quickly grown to become the destination of choice for Thread Identification, Conversion & Repair products.  Our quality tools are being used every day in the Manufacturing, Automotive, Aerospace, Heavy Equipment, Construction and Military industries.  The customer base we proudly serve ranges from your local handyman or home hobbyist to Fortune 500 companies.  If you need to identify or measure a thread, convert one thread type to another, increase or decrease thread size, or repair an internal or external thread, you've come to the right place!

Company Philosophy

Our company philosophy focuses on two key attributes, Quality & Honest Value.  What exactly do we mean by that?  First, we focus on finding the toughest, most durable tools that outperform and outlast the competition.  Second, we then negotiate with our manufacturers to secure the lowest possible price.  Lastly, and where we differ from our competition, we minimize all costs in our own company structure to allow us to offer you, the customer, the best possible pricing upfront.  While you won't see many items "on sale" that is for the simple fact that we don't like to play games with our customers - there is no need to mark our items up substantially just to "pretend" they are on sale to create a false value.  Honesty and transperancy while unfortunately rare these days are at the heart of who we are.  Our competitors may not be our biggest fans, but we think our customer's testimonials and product reviews speak for themselves.

Customer Service

If you're tired of the big box industrial supply companies, take a step down to, where you'll take two steps up in personal customer service.  As a company focused on bringing you the newest and best available solutions, we are certainly old fashioned when it comes to customer service.  In today's automated and digital world, we still believe people, not computers are our most valuable resource.  Whether you have a question about a particular item or a customer service issue, forget going through a maze of automated responses or an off-site call center, you will talk to a real live human being in our sales or customer service department, located at our office in the suburbs of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

We Want to Earn Your Business!

That's right, EARN, we dont believe in being given anything.  Our staff is devoted to satisfying every customer, providing them the attention they deserve, prompt and accurate shipments, and quality products.  We are here to provide VALUE, not only measured in dollars, but also in the customer experience!

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