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Helical Thread Repair Kit: 7/16-14 LH, 0.656" (1.5xD) Length
Part Number 82122LH
Helical Thread Repair Kit: 7/16-14 LH, 0.656" (1.5xD) Length
Helical Thread Repair Kit: 7/16-14 LH, 0.656" (1.5xD) Length
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Our most popular kits for internal thread repair!
The kit includes:
  • HSS STI Plug Tap
  • Helical Inserts - 4 pcs.
  • Installation Tool
Helical Insert Specs:
  • Internal Thread Size: 7/16-14 UNC Left Hand Thread
  • Length: 0.656" (1.5x diameter)
  • Material: 18-8 (304) Stainless Steel
  • Type: Free Running
  • Tap Size: 7/16-14 LH STI
  • Drill Size: 29/64" (not included in kit, sold separately)
Quickly and easily repair stripped or damaged threads, or create stronger original threads in die castings or plastics with our Helical Screw Thread Inserts.  Coil tension securely holds the insert in place without undue tension on the surrounding material.  The inserts are vibration and impact resistant.  Made from corrosion resistant stainless steel, they offer a wide temperature tolerance.

Helical Inserts are often known by the brand names Helicoil or Recoil Screw Thread Inserts.  Our Precision Thread Helical Inserts are interchangeable with other brands of inserts and tooling.  Rest assured you'll enjoy an easy and accurate transition to our Precision Thread Helical Inserts from Chrislynn.

Available Modifications to our Helical Inserts...
  • Material - Inconel X750, Phosphor-Bronze, Nitronic 60, 316 Stainless Steel
  • Coatings - Dry Film, Cadmium, Silver Plating
  • Please call for quote & lead time when requiring any modifications
Our Precision Thread Helical Inserts meet or exceed most applicable specifications, including: MS 122076 series, 124651 series, 21208, 21209, 33537, Mil-1-8846, and Mil-F-5577.

Need a different size or length? Just want the inserts? 

For a comprehensive list of our available kits, inserts, and tools - please visit our Helical Thread Insert summary page.

  • Customer Reviews Average Rating review
    Volunteer at the JSHS in Nauvoo, IL
    I recently bought a Woodmaster planer/moulder machine. I came with a second planer head but the left hand thread was stripped. It required a 7/16-14 LH Thread to fix it. Although I felt this repair kit was expensive, it was half the price of a new planer head so I bought it. The repair has been completed and the planer head is now in use. Great fix for half the cost of a new part. The only thing that could have been better is the tool for half its current price.
    Reviewed by: Fred Elliott from Peoria, IL. on 2/9/2019
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