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Self-Locking Tap Extension: 1/4" (M6), 12" Length
Self-Locking Tap Extension: 1/4" (M6), 12" Length

Tap Associates - Self-Locking "Jungere" Tap Extension: 1/4" (M6) Diameter, 12" Length

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Tap Associates - Self-Locking "Jungere" Tap Extension: 1/4" (M6) Diameter, 12" Length
Part Number: 1060
Self-Locking Tap Extension: 1/4" (M6), 12" Length

Unique self-locking feature offers the smallest OD of any Tap Extension in the industry and the ideal solution for close quarter & long tapping problems.  No set screws or collets required!

Each extension is designed for a specific tap size.  The tap shank and tap square dimensions conform to the size standards of leading tap manufacturers.  Because the Tap Extension has no set screws or collars which extend shaft diameter, it offers unique capabilities in allowing the user to tap close to the edge or shoulder of the workpiece.

Product Specifications:

Tap Size

Dimensions in Inches

Standard (Inch)






Min & Max
Tap Shank
Min & Max
Tap Square
of Small 
Shank of 
of Small 
Shank of 
Square Shank of Extension
Extension Length




.250 to .255

.187 to .191

Diagram: Machine Tap Extension

How does it work?

The secret to the Tap Extensions unique self-locking design is a precision machined EDM cavity that receives the end of a standard tap.  The bottom part of the cavity (A) is a tapered square with a wall angle of less than one degree, which  receives the square section of the tap and grips it so securely that a thin drift is needed to separate the tap and extension.  The cylindrical part of the tap shank fits tightly into a similar cavity in the extension (B), providing resistance to bending.

Diagram: Tap and Extension

Simple Product Set-Up:
  • Verify that your Tap's Shank and Square dimensions are within the acceptable ranges for the Extension.
  • Line up the Tap square corners with the Extension inner marks - See more at: https://tapextension.com/product/#sthash.hhY9UDHX.dpufLine up the 
    Line up the Tap Square corners with the Extension inner marks.  Tap the Square of the Extension with a soft (brass/lead) hammer or block to seat the Tap firmly.
  • Square of Tap should be visible in the slot window.
  • To dislodge Tap from Extension, insert the supplied drift key and tap with hammer.
  • Click on the following links to view any of the featured video demonstrations: Hand TapDrill PressCNC Machine
American Made Quality & Value

Each Self-Locking Tap Extension is precision machined from high quality tool steel and guaranteed against defects in material or workmanship.  They offer all the benefits of a long tap, yet at the cost associated with a standard tap.

Available Lengths

Extensions for Tap Size 1/4" (M6) are available in 4"6"8", and 12" lengths.

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