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E-Z LOK Thread Inserts: 1/2-13, Extra Heavy Duty, Carbon Steel (Pkg. of 5)
Part Number 9335-8
E-Z LOK Thread Inserts: 1/2-13, Extra Heavy Duty, Carbon Steel (Pkg. of 5)
E-Z LOK Thread Inserts: 1/2-13, Extra Heavy Duty, Carbon Steel (Pkg. of 5)
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E-Z LOK Thread Insert Specs:
  • Internal Thread Size: 1/2-13
  • External Thread Size: 7/8-9
  • Wall Type: Extra Heavy Duty
  • Material: Carbon Steel (12L14)
  • Length: 0.687"
  • Drill Size: 49/64"
  • Tap Size: 7/8-9
  • Min. Full Thread Depth: 13/16"
  • Package Quantity: 5

E-Z LOK Threaded Inserts are an ideal solution to repair stripped, damaged and worn threads or to provide thread reinforcement in a weaker parent material.  They provide strong, permanent threads in a variety of housing materials including steel, aluminum, cast iron and magnesium. 

The increased wall thickness and greater external thread area of these Extra Heavy Duty Threaded Inserts offer superior pull-out strength, stability, and longer life. These inserts should be used in materials with lower ultimate shear strength to obtain maximum pull-out strength and holding power.

External threads are standard size and pitch to permit use of standard drills and taps.  No special drills, taps, or installation tools are required!

E-Z LOK inserts will not back out or vibrate loose.  Immediately upon installation, dry encapsulated Loctite begins to set and the newly installed insert part is fastener ready within minutes. 
When fully cured at 72 hours, the Loctite seals against liquids and gases to pressures of 6,000 psi.

Not only has E-Z LOK made the installation process easy, they've done the same with the removal.  Simply use a standard screw and bolt extractor to back out a damaged insert and then replace it with a new insert.  Removal is just a matter of overcoming the resistance to torque-out which has been produced by the thread locking material.

Simple 1-2-3 Installation:
  1. Drill hole with standard drill.
  2. Tap hole with standard tap.
  3. Install the insert - turn home the E-Z LOK with a screwdriver, bolt & jam nut, or E-Z LOK drive tool until flush with the top surface of the workpiece.
Manufacturer P/N:
  • E-Z LOK: 335-8
Available Options for our E-Z LOK Thread Inserts:
  • Material - Carbon Steel, 303 Stainless Steel
  • Wall Thickness - Thin Wall, Heavy Duty Wall, Extra Heavy Duty Wall
For a comprehensive list of available options, please visit our E-Z LOK Thread Insert summary page or call us toll free at (888) 835-0868.

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