The Best Solutions in Thread Identification, Conversion & Repair!

Welcome to!  We all know threads hold together much of what we use in our daily lives and while this seems like a simple concept, it's far from it.  With virtually endless combinations of thread type, pitch, diameter, gender, angle, depth, etc. things can get complicated in a hurry.  We've made it our mission to bring simplicity to thread identification, conversion and repair.

Our unique tools are designed to save our customers time, money & frustration compared to conventional standards.  Say you're trying to connect an American component to European machinery, our
Thread Adapters will convert one thread type to another with ease.  Maybe you're having trouble repairing damaged threads on the end of a bolt because you can't start the die.  No problem, just pull the spring-loaded die apart & start on clean threads with our Split Die Thread Chaser.

These are just a couple examples of why we are the trusted supplier to so many machinists, engineers, contractors, mechanics, and repairmen. Our unique solutions to common problems have provided us the opportunity to be a part of so many different applications, both large and small.  We encourage you to browse our site to learn more about all of the best in class solutions that we have to offer.

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